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Branded Clean Cloth Manufacturer and Production

We are professional branded microfiber cleaning cloths manufacturer producing wide ranges of cleaning cloths to clean for all types of glasses, resin lenses, camera, LCD screen, monitors, jewelry, home appliances, precision electronic products, high-grade furniture, car glass, sporting goods, etc. Our cleaning cloths with branded request are made of good quality raw materials, adopt advanced production technology, and finally well received by users at home and abroad.

Manufacturer Raw Material for Branded Cleaning Cloths

Manufacturer Raw Material for Branded Cleaning Cloth
We purchase the primary raw material, and spin them with synthetics in order to get the type of yarn they need for production. Yarn must be coated or sized in order for it to be woven more easily. Bleaches are generally used to whiten a towel before dyeing it (if it is to be dyed).If the towel is to remain white, an optical brightener to make the white look brighter. Synthetic or chemical dyes, of complex composition, which make clean cloths both colorfast and bright, will be used.

Branded Cleaning Cloths Printing by Manufacturer

Branded Cleaning Cloths Printing by ManufacturerIf cleaning cloths is to be dyed, the large, dried uncut rolls are taken to large vats of chemical dyes, which have proven over time after extensive residential laundering. After being immersed in the vat, the microfiber cloths are removed and pressed between two heavy rollers which force the dye down into the microfiber cloths. A thorough steaming sets the color. The microfiber cloths are again steam-dried, fluffed in the drying process, and then the dyed microfiber cloths are ready for cutting, printing and labeling.

Manufacturer Cutting Process to Complete Branded Cleaning Cloths

Manufacturer Complete Branded Cleaning Cloths According to customers’ requirement, manufacturer will precut the branded cleaning cloths into standard size 10cm*15cm, 15cm*15cm, 15cm*18cm or any size that customers want. This will be executed once the microfiber cleaning cloths are dyed into the colour customer requiring.

Manufacturer Provide Branded Cleaning Cloths Quality Control & Packing

Cleaning Cloths Quality Control & PackingBranded cleaning cloths are rigorously checked for quality control throughout the production process. If yarn is purchased, it is randomly checked for weight and must be the standard established (lighter yarn spools indicate the yarn is thinner than desired and may not make as sturdy the cloths). Bleach and dye vats are periodically checked for appropriate chemical constitution.

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