Advertising Lanyards


Lanyards for Company Advertising

Advertising LanyardsAdvertising lanyards, and also the simple lanyards made of braided fabric with a clip attached to the end are used frequently in retail and businesses for holding name badges. The typical arrangement is to attach a plastic pouch with at least one clear side to the safety lanyard, with the person’s name badge facing the front and occasionally small items such as business cards, pens or tools stashed behind the badge for easy access.

Advertising Lanyards Use

Advertising lanyards for promotionMeanwhile, safety lanyard straps are widely used with small electronic devices such as cameras, MP3 players and USB flash drives to prevent loss or dropping. Electronics designed to take an advertising lanyards usually have a small through-hole built into a corner or edge of the case or anchored to the frame of the device; the corresponding functional advertising lanyards generally have a loop of thread on the end that is attached to that hole with a simple knot, usually a cow hitch. Some earphones incorporate the audio signal into the lanyard, meaning it doubles up as headphone cords as well. Security advertising lanyards are often used to keep keys on.

Advertising  Lanyards as Marketing Tools

Advertising Lanyards WholesaleAdvertising lanyards are a very useful as promotional and marketing tool. Always on view around the neck, it immediately draws the eye to your personal details or company logo. Unlike many “throw-away” products, advertising lanyards are a promotional gift which will always be appreciated. Wearers will be thankful that their badge holder, pen, key, cell-phone, etc. Advertising lanyards are close to hand.

Advertising Lanyards as Promotional Products

Advertising lanyards are growing in popularity and are no longer just a piece of woven fabric that hangs a name tag around one’s neck. Today, printed advertising lanyards are much more than just identification products. They are used to build brands and reinforce marketing messages. Because of their low cost and practicality, advertising lanyards are used as promotional giveaways or as sponsored keepsakes.

Advertising Lanyards SupplierCustom Made Advertising Lanyards

Wholesaler for Advertising Lanyards

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